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Estes Park Music Festival
Sounds of Summer Concert

JULY 25, 2016

“Mozart’s Summer of the Symphony”


Jean-Marie Zeitouni, conductor

and the

Colorado Music Festival

Chamber Orchestra


Monday, 7:30 PM, doors open at 7:00.

The Stanley Hotel Concert Hall

$30 at the door. Save by subscription.
Children and students admitted free.

by Derald DeYoung


“Ah, Mozart!”  So exclaimed a well known musician. Mozart’s art was entirely spontaneous and his creative ability was the most  comprehensive known to music. Mozart overflows with song; his symphonies are rich in melody and his symphonies act as “songs without words”.


Mozart’s mature symphonies contain a deep emotional depth that was unusual in the classical era.


On the July 25th concert we will hear the final three Mozart symphonies, considered the greatest of his symphonic output.  These three symphonies were all written in a six week period in the summer of 1788, three years before Mozart’s death.


More than two centuries after they were written Mozart’s Symphonies No. 39 in E-flat Major, No. 40 in G minor and No 41 in C Major, Jupiter, stand at the summit of the symphonic repertoire, where they are among a small select group of masterworks by the greatest composers.


Each of these three symphonies present a different character.  No. 39 has the most intimate instrumentation. The third movement, the minuet, has a beautiful trio section and in its final movement a single theme undergoes many rhythmic and contrapuntal explorations.





Symphony No. 40, perhaps the most well known, is one of only two he wrote in a minor key: G minor.  There is an extensive use of chromaticism which makes for a powerfully expressive work.  There is even a famous use of an atonal twelve tone passage at the beginning of the development section of the final movement.


The final symphony, No 41, subtitled Jupiter, is a virtuoso display of contrapuntal brilliance.  In the final movement Mozart takes his listeners through a breath-taking passage where he combines all five of the movements themes at the same time.


Certainly this is not a concert to be missed and a rare opportunity to hear three of the greatest symphonies ever written in one hearing.


Tickets: Individual concert tickets: $30 each (cash or check). Children and students admitted free. Tickets available at the door or in advance at Macdonald Book Shop, 152 E. Elkhorn Ave, Estes Park or at the Festival business office located at Hobert Office Services, 1140 Manford Ave., Suite A, Estes Park (970) 586-9519. Tickets may also be purchased online at www.estesparkmusicfestival.org. A processing fee is applied to all credit and/or debit card purchases.


Every concert series needs an excellent venue and the beautiful Stanley Hotel is the perfect mountain setting.  We are grateful to the Stanley Hotel Management and staff for their incredible support and generosity. Thank you to Bob’s Piano Service, our series sponsors, the Safeway Foundation and Chevron Humankind Program.


Additional parking is available next to the Concert Hall and behind the Stanley Hotel.

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