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Estes Park Music Festival

The mission of the Estes Park Music Festival is to make available affordable year-round musical programs of the highest quality to our own and surrounding communities.

October 10, 2017


Dear Friends of the Estes Park Music Festival,

After 40 years of bringing music of the highest quality to our community, it is with sadness that I must tell you we are discontinuing our summer and winter concerts.  Declining attendance at our concerts, a trend that has been evident for several years, finally reached a point at which our nonprofit organization has become financially unsustainable. After evaluating all options our Board of Directors was faced with little recourse other than to vote for the dissolution of the Music Festival. The support you have shown by attending our concerts, purchasing subscriptions or providing generous donations has been vital in allowing us to continue as long as we have. Unfortunately, for reasons that are not completely clear, we have not been successful in either retaining our attendees or attracting sufficient numbers of new ones. We are especially saddened for those of you who look forward each year to coming to our Sunday concerts and to the visits each summer by the Colorado Music Festival Chamber Orchestra. We just wish there were more like you to fill those empty seats at the Concert Hall.

Some of you probably purchased “Forever” tickets to our winter concerts and now hearing that they will no longer be of value. If you do have any unused tickets please return them to our business office before November 15th, 2017, for a full refund. They can be taken to Hobert Office Services, 1140-A Manford Avenue, Estes Park or mailed to the Estes Park Music Festival, P.O. Box 4290, Estes Park, CO 80517. We will be unable to offer a refund after that date.

Thanks again for being a supporter of the Estes Park Music Festival.

On behalf of the entire Estes Park Music Festival Board,

Keith B. Hammond, President


Thank you for support from the Chevron Corporation through its Humankind Awards Program, Safeway Foundation, and the generosity of our individual contributors and sponsors.

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